Kahl Associates offers independent consulting services to assist stakeholders with environmental technology design, procurement, and site solution implementation.

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Technology Sourcing & Procurement

We help clients identify and procure technology solutions for their applications. We offer sales support and quotations from our partners or we can serve as your sourcing liaison.

Application Consulting

We offer professional consulting and project management for applications requiring emerging and innovative technologies.

Product Deployment & Installation

Kahl Associates can support site installations for remote data acquisition systems. This includes groundwater, soil, and vapor monitoring applications.

High Resolution Vapor Intrusion Monitoring Services

Kahl Associates is an authorized representative for the VaporSafe™ VI monitoring service, a field-ready service that combines real-time high density vapor sampling capabilities with laboratory grade, fully quantitative VOC analysis plus telemetry-enabled data reporting in real-time. The system is deployed to a site where it is configured for 24-hour monitoring (ranging from 1 day screenings to dynamic assessments lasting weeks to months). The platform can also automatically engage alerts and controllers, so it is ideal for long-term O&M, remediation optimization and risk prevention applications.

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